Professional FAQs: What Are The Healthy Substitutes Of Soya Sauce?

Expert opinion from Srujana Gundu

B.Sc Nutrition · Less than a year of experience · India

Tamari – It is gluten free and is mad f soybeans. Worcestershire sauce – It is soy and gluten free, also has less sodium content. Coconut aminos – Low sodium, is gluten free and is made from fermented coconut. Liquid aminos – Made from soy and is gluten free. Dried mushrooms – Low sodium, is soy free and gluten free. Fish sauce, miso paste – fermented ingredient from soybeans. Maggi seasoning – made from fermented wheat proteins. Anchovies, salt.

Expert opinion from Aparna Nemalikanti

M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics · 10 years of experience · India

Soya sauce is a combination of soya, wheat, salt and a fermenting agent. It is frequently avoided because soya and wheat are allergic to a small percentage of the population. Few substitutes which are low in salt are coconut aminos sauce, red boat fish sauce, Ohsawa Japanese sauce are some of them.

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Expert opinion from Shreya Thakur

B.Sc Nutrition · Less than a year of experience · India

Healthy substitutes of soya sauce are, Coconut aminos. Liquid aminos. Fish sauce. Maggi sauce. Ohsawa white nama shoyu sauce. Worcestershire sauce.

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