Live and work at MITH: new technology hub is born in Guimarães

Guimarães is preparing to welcome a new property megaproject, which will be developed using the hybrid construction model. The MITH – Minho Innovation and Technology Hub, as it is called, will be created by the Casais group and aims to be a benchmark in the areas of innovation and technology, as well as engineering and architecture. It will have offices, coworking and business spaces, but also housing and green areas.

Together with the University of Minho, Guimarães City Council, TECMINHO and SITIO, the Casais Group will sign a protocol “which aims to prioritise space for innovation and technological development”, according to the press release.

MITH will be a place to live and work, with a total investment of around 167 million, according to Expresso. The hub aims to promote an interface between companies, academia and the institutes that are part of this environment, and is therefore “a favourable place to set up start-ups and companies that want to boost their relationship with research (…) The essential point is that each company housed in the MITH must have a concept related to innovation and technology”.) The essential point is that the concept of each company housed in the MITH must be related to innovation and technology”.

The hub will also have housing. Spaces will be created within the MITH where it will be possible to live and enjoy this environment, “which aims to be a sustainable community and where cycle paths and spaces will be created with the future and sustainable development in mind”.

MITH will follow a hybrid construction model (which involves combining wood and concrete) and is being implemented by Casais in other projects.

“We believe that the construction sector has to be more sustainable. That’s why we’re committed to demonstrating the potential of this type of construction. But we also know that we have to be constantly innovating, striving to improve and looking for new solutions, because it’s also a consumer demand. That’s why we not only built this hub, but we’re here, with our employees being able to work from here, but we also want to learn and find talent in the most diverse areas – engineering, architecture, technology, artificial intelligence – that will allow us to continue to develop and fulfil our mission,” says António Carlos Rodrigues, CEO of the Casais Group.

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