Romanian man accused of praising terrorist organizations arrested in Bucharest

A man who created an account on a social network and allegedly praised terrorist organizations in the Middle East has been placed in pre-trial detention for 30 days by the Bucharest Court of Appeal, following an investigation by the police and prosecutors from the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT). 

The defendant is accused of accessing terrorist propaganda materials.

DIICOT, cited by, announced that prosecutors ordered the 24-hour detention of a defendant under investigation for multiple offenses stipulated by Law no. 535/2004 on the prevention and combating of terrorism. 

“From the criminal investigation activities conducted, it resulted that during the year 2023, the defendant created an account on a social platform through which, repeatedly, at various intervals and in pursuit of the same criminal resolution, he praised terrorist organizations in the Middle East and their leaders, with the intention of inciting an act of terrorism,” DIICOT stated. 

According to prosecutors, the man repeatedly accessed terrorist propaganda materials from the same account.

“At the same time, the defendant accessed and distributed online, on the same social network, material containing instructions on the manufacture or use of explosives, firearms, or any other weapons, harmful or dangerous substances, or specific techniques or methods of committing or supporting acts of terrorism,” DIICOT further stated. 

Investigators conducted a home search, during which the computer used to commit the offenses was seized. 

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