Cuban Vice Pres. Lays Wreath at Statue Erected to Tribute Cuban Soldiers in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa November 18/2023 (ENA) The Vice President of Cuba, Salvador Valdés Mesa who is in Ethiopia for a working visit laid a wreath at the memorial statue erected in Addis Ababa to tribute Cuban soldiers who lost their lives in supporting Ethiopia.

The vice president paid tribute to the soldiers, who sacrificed their lives to help Ethiopia in the fight against the invading army of Siad Barre of Somalia in 1975, at the Ethio-Cuban Friendship Park in the capital.

Under the leadership of Fidel Castro, Cuba had sent over 17,000 soldiers to rebuff the belligerent attack of the expansionist regime of President Said Barre in 1977.

Ethiopian troops, with the internationalist support of the Cuban combatants, defeated the aggressor army of the then leader of Somalia against the territorial integrity of Ethiopia.

Speaking at the occasion, Cuban Vice President Mesa said that sons and daughters of Ethiopia and Cuba fought together against injustice and colonialism.

This historical legacy has made the two countries to have a common history, he indicated.

“The scarifies of both peoples have laid the foundation for brotherhood between Ethiopia and Cuba that they are enjoying currently. We have now a strong solidarity between our two nations.”

Noting that thousands of Ethiopians studied in Cuba, the vice president said that they are the main actors of movement of solidarity with our countries and fruit of friendship.

The Cuban government has maintained offering annual scholarships to Ethiopian students to study in Cuba, and more than 5,000 Ethiopian students have graduated from Cuban universities since the 1970s.

Stating that the friendship between Cuba and Ethiopia is strengthened with the bloodshed on the battlefields, Mesa finally said his country is keen to continue the relationship to grow and deepen in benefit of peoples at all spheres.

Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration, Jantirar Abay who paid tributes to the soldiers with the vice president said that the Ethio-Cuba Friendship Park is a memorial to the Ethiopian and Cuban soldiers involved in the defense of Ethiopian sovereignty.

Apart from economic and educational ties, the relationship between the two countries is tied by bloodshed.

“We (Ethiopians) are eternally grateful to Cuba and its people for standing with us on the defense of our sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he noted.

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