Romania’s National History Museum to receive EUR 100 million investment

Romania’s National History Museum, located in Bucharest, is set to be consolidated and restored after an investment of EUR 100 million funded through the Framework Agreement between Romania and the Council of Europe Development Bank.

The investment is the second-largest in a historical monument by a state institution after the Palace of Culture in Iași, according to minister of culture Raluca Turcan.

“We took the first step. It was a step for which I worked side by side with the director (Ernest Oberlander Târnoveanu, manager of MNIR) and his team, together with the team from the Project Management Unit, which will carry out this investment. To reach this point, the documentation note and all the technical documentation necessary for submitting this project in the DALI phase must be completed,” she said, cited by

The museum holds the most valuable and significant part of the country’s archaeological, numismatic, and historical heritage, many of which are unique in Europe and the world.

The refurbished area comes to 34,000 square meters. The goal is to both consolidate and restore the historical monument building and create a modern, European space suitable for Romania’s heritage. 

According to the minister of culture, the framework agreement with the CEB allows for investments in major cultural landmarks in Romania.

“We have opened discussions to expand this investment portfolio in partnership with the CEB for at least three more objectives: the Romanian National Opera, the refurbishment of the Palace Hall or the construction of a new concert hall in Bucharest, and the restoration and expansion of the Antipa Museum,” said the Raluca Turcan. She also announced that she has already opened the possibility of extending the agreement or opening a new one.

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(Photo source: Raluca Turcan on Facebook)

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