The Future of Aviation is Airspace, a New Transparent Cabin Concept from Airbus

The future models of Airbus airplanes will feature a transparent ceiling, under a new concept called Airspace. The design is not all for the beauty but the eco-friendliness as well.

Aerospace company Airbus has unveiled the first pictures of its next-generation Airspace cabin, which is developed upon three pillars: transparency, decarbonisation, and circularity. This means that underneath the fancy see-through ceilings, there is also a deeper purpose.

The company aims to cut emissions by, first and easiest of all, reducing the weight of the plane. This includes everything from streamlining the interior into a ‘bionic design’ to managing the in-flight catering service. Airbus is trying to come up with new cabin materials that are more light-weight, recyclable, repairable, and reusable. Plus, by pre-ordering your meals on a long flight, you could help lower the waste and weight by 15%. All in all, the adaptations would contribute to 40-55% in weight reduction.

In terms of design and service, passengers will get to gaze at the bare sky and stars just above their heads with the ‘enhanced atmosphere’ aspect. With more natural light shining through the ceiling, the cabin’s ambience will feel more spacious and less mechanised than in former models. Better seating, new smart devices, and personalised service will also be offered.

A mobile travel app displaying each flight’s carbon emission and environmental impact will also be available for download.

Airspace is a collaboration of 10 airlines and 8 technology firms. While the brand-new aircrafts will take some time before departing to the sky, Airbus says it will start implementing the concepts to current aircrafts within 2023.

Find out more via the website.

[Hero and featured image credit: Airbus]

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