Yamaha begins to use “green aluminium” in bike production

Yamaha has announced that it has begun using “green aluminium” in the production of its bikes, starting with high-capacity and off-road racing models.


Yamaha’s use of “green aluminium” began in February 2023, having previously secured an agreement with an aluminium supplier. The Japanese manufacturer says this is the first time green aluminium has been used in Japanese motorbike production.


The term “green aluminium” comes from the production process, rather than traditional methods, green aluminium uses renewable energy sources, and emits “around 60% less CO2 in its manufacture compared to traditional aluminium” says Yamaha, while acknowledging that the percentage needs emissions reduction.

Between 12% and 31% of a bike’s weight is represented by aluminium parts, Yamaha says, the Japanese manufacturer’s aluminium usage is 80%, based on calculations in Yamaha’s own figures in 2022. The transition to green aluminium will be on the high-cylinder bikes first, so the Yamaha R1, or MT-10 units and the off-road competition bikes, as well as the new 2023 Yamaha YZ450F.


The long-term plan will be to expand the use of green aluminium in as many models as possible. Finally, Yamaha says this move is in line with its goal of achieving carbon neutrality across Yamaha Motor by 2050.

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