‘It will be a little difficult, right from the start, to be competitive right away’ – Miguel Oliveira

With a new bike to discover, Miguel Oliveira will have an extra task in the new MotoGP season, which is to adapt and try to extract the maximum potential from the Aprilia RS-GP that he still doesn’t know well – just like the team he’s on. inserts, the CryptoDATA Aprilia RNF MotoGP Team that until 2022 worked with Yamaha motorcycles.

In a great interview with SportTV, the #88 showed confidence in the competitiveness of Noale’s machine, although he admits that there is work to be done to exploit all the existing potential: ‘The bike is very competitive, it is a bike that has already show in the last time, consistently, that manages to be at the top. And, therefore, now we also have to do this work on my part and that of the team in getting to know the bike and extracting the maximum potential it has to offer’.

Oliveira is of the opinion that he will have no difficulties in being competitive, although he recognizes that it may take some time before he is able to exploit all the capabilities of the Aprilia RS-GP: ‘I think that I will not have great difficulties in being competitive. To extract the maximum potential from the bike, maybe it takes a little longer, because it’s natural. With the new tyres, with this whole new weekend format, I think it will be a little difficult, right from the start, to be competitive right away. There are things that we still lack, on the side of the team we still lack the fluidity of work and the speed in asking for things and having things done inside the box’.

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