Watch: Why Woman Who Gave Birth to Beautiful Twins is Trending

  • A young lady who recently got blessed with the gift of twin children has shown them off on TikTok
  • Apart from sharing pictures of her children, the lady also showed her large baby bump in the viral video
  • Many TikTok users who have seen the video are saying they want to give birth to twin babies

A viral TikTok video trending online has shown a woman who just welcomed beautiful twin children.

In the video posted by @kashybaby3, the woman equally showed off her large baby bump

Lady with large baby bump

The first scene in the video showed when she was still pregnant and close to giving birth. Her baby bump was so large that it attracted people’s attention on TikTok. In the scene, she jokingly announced her pregnancy using a funny voice.

The next scene in the video showed when she already gave birth to her babies. She clutched the two kids in her arms and posed with them.

The new mum looked joyful, showing she was thrilled to have welcomed the bundles of joy.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users

TikTok users have since joined in her celebration as they took to the comment section to bare their minds. Some prayed to give birth to twins.

@[email protected] said:


@sarahodozi60 reacted:

“Congratulations! I tap from your blessings.”

@Okunghae Becky said:

“Wow, double celebration.”

@Lovely beauty said:

“I double tap from your blessings into my womb and grace. Congratulations, your twins are so pretty.”

@folly banks reacted:

“You’re supposed to give birth to four because that belly is too big.”

@Desmondperry said:

“That should be a belly of triplets.”

Nairobi mum of triplets abandoned

Previously, a Nairobi woman abandoned by her lover returned to her parents’ home after delivering triplets.

Bilha Wanjiku Njuguna knew she was going to give birth to twins until her due date when she found out she was pregnant with triplets.

Since she delivered, the overwhelmed mum returned to her parents’ house as she could not care for the newborns alone.

After published her story, Kenyans were moved and sent her financial support a few days later.

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