Marc Marquez admits to having harmed Dani Pedrosa: ‘We must make life impossible for our teammate’

It is usual for a driver to consider his teammate as the first rival to crash, after all under normal conditions both have the same competitive package. Marc Márquez has now admitted how he cheated his longest teammate: Dani Pedrosa.

‘I’ve never been a good teammate’, began by revealing the eight-time world champion, who made it known how he now gets along very well with Pedrosa despite a lot of rivalry in the first two years together, in 2013 and 2014. Now Marquez tells how tricked Pedrosa in the tests and how he effectively worked to harm him when choosing new parts for the bike:

– I’ve always liked… let’s say that if we can, we should try to make life impossible for your teammate. But at the time we had a good bike and everything was working well. When a item worked well for him, I immediately disliked it, saying it didn’t work. I want this one instead… as I’m leading, I prefer this one. The other not to be given. It was like that. And this one? IAnd that? Hey, do you want to test this one? I said yes but I didn’t want anything, I didn’t want him to have that item [laughs]. It’s the kind of trick everyone does. People don’t talk about it but I don’t mind saying it.

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