Romania’s FMCG sales up 1.8% YoY in volume terms last year

In 2022 FMCG retail sales increased in Romania by +15.8% in value terms, according to data from Retail Audit NielsenIQ quoted by The average inflation was 13.7% YoY.

Although Romania ranks only seventh by the FMCG sales growth rate in value terms at par with Poland, it is one of the few countries where the sales have not decreased in volume for the entire year 2022.

Even in Romania, however, the slowdown in consumption became visible in the last two quarters of last year, registering a decrease of 2.6%, according to data from Retail Audit NielsenIQ.

According to the report, all major categories of products posted higher sales in 2022 by value.

The largest increase is that of the category of food products, which increased by 20.1% and which represents 54% of the total shopping basket in Romania, followed by non-alcoholic beverages, which registered a value increase of 15.0%.

Non-food products increase in value by 11.7%, and alcoholic beverages by 6.1%.

The prices of food and beverages increased by 15.6% YoY on average in 2022.

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