(P) Deutsche Schule Bukarest (DSBU) opens its doors on March 3 – Parents can attend classes, meet teachers and visit the whole campus

Spring brings newness and freshness and with it opens doors. The German School in Bucharest is organizing an Open Doors Day on a Friday, 3 March, and welcomes parents with open arms even to their classes. In this way they can authentically feel the teaching style of the teachers, the energy of the children’s collective and the whole DSBU community at work.

What the school is like and what makes it different from others here in Romania, you can find out below.


At DSBU, education starts at the youngest age, creche, and continues at all levels: primary school, secondary school and high school. The child thus receives a complete developmental framework up to university studies.

Although it presents itself as a German school, it accommodates up to 450 children of more than 10 different nationalities and emphasizes interculturality. They celebrate both, German and Romanian traditions.

After an idea that originated in 2007 in an apartment in Bucharest, Deutsche Schule Bukarest is, since 2012, one of the 140 German Schools Abroad recognized and certified by the German state.

Their entire educational community has at its core one fundamental principle: to put the good of each individual child first, preparing them to be able to think and act independently with all personal and professional skills cultivated at the right time.

What about the teachers?

What sets them apart from other schools is that classes are conducted entirely in German and the teachers are native German speakers. However, the Romanian language and literature is also taught at Romanian curriculum level by exceptional teachers.

How is the creche?

The DSBU creche is a safe, positive and supportive environment where every child benefits from emotional, cognitive, physical and creative development through learning, research and play. A good start to any child’s future.

How is the kindergarten?

There are about 120 children enrolled in the kindergarten, divided into 6 colorful classes, and they all enjoy classes such as music education, sports, creative activities, gastronomy, nature outings, language stimulation and joint projects to develop their teamwork.

What it’s like at primary and secondary school?

In primary and secondary school classes kids have access to IT and all classes are equipped with smart boards to familiarize children with technology and enhance the quality of their studies and presentations. Children enjoy chemistry and anatomy labs, multi-purpose sports fields, a library and special rooms for extracurricular activities.

What it’s like at high school?

An entire 10th-grade class is the first pilot class to work exclusively on iPads, and DSBU high schoolers can only graduate with joy and excitement because after graduation they can continue their university studies anywhere in the world. The baccalaureate taken at the school is internationally recognized, Deutsches Internationales Abitur, and opens up access to any university in the world.

Extracurricular activities and events

At DSBU, art in all its forms is encouraged, whether we are talking about painting, film art, or music. Children enjoy DSBU’s own MiniBand, led by high school students for the younger ones, who play at school events. Children can also learn chess, robotics, languages and various sports.

The DSBU community organizes the annual DSBU carnival where you can dress up as whatever you want, Easter or Christmas workshop and games, Christmas fair and many other surprise events.

All parents who want to discover the DSBU campus and community have the opportunity to do so on Friday, 3 March, from 08:00-15:00 where they will also discover the school’s exceptional facilities and the great facilities children could benefit from if they choose to study here.

Also on that day, parents can receive any information on enrolment and how activities are run directly from the source.

If you would like to come fill in the form HERE.

DSBU contact details: https://www.dsbu.ro. Andress: Coralilor Street, 20G, Bucharest.

(p) – This article is an advertorial.

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