ELC Open House Event – Experience firsthand the AISB Early Learning approach on March 10

Expat in Romania? Finding your child’s perfect early learning center can be a real challenge in 2023. American International School of Bucharest is opening the doors of its Early Learning Center on March 10, 9 A.M. We invite you to attend the event by registering here. Read the article below to find out what to consider when choosing an early learning experience and more details about how to register for the event.

Exploring the importance of a first experience in learning 

A child’s first learning experiences set the foundation for their future educational and personal development. They shape how they perceive the world and have the power to instill in them the love of learning and build on their innate curiosity. 

Global research on neuroscience, psychology, and human development has compelling evidence that the first eight years represent a vital and meaningful period of a child’s life. Through play, exploration, or structured lessons, these early experiences can shape a child’s future by using their innate abilities to engage with their environment and make connections. With the proper support and encouragement, these early years can be a time of immense growth, creativity, and discovery for young children.

With all this evidence-based data, research, and knowledge, parents are examining more and more ways of securing a solid learning foundation for children by looking toward supportive and responsive early learning environments from an early age.   

What should you look for when choosing an early learning program

Parents and caregivers need to learn about each program’s specific educational philosophies and pedagogical offerings. They must consider which environment and sociocultural context might best suit their child. This implies taking into consideration the values and long-term aspirations they hold dear. 

An essential step is taking the time to research accurately and experience the learning environment firsthand. This approach affords unique insights and impressions that ultimately aid in determining which program and learning community best fits the child and their family.

Experiencing the learning environment through ‘open door’ events provides a personal experience that no virtual tour or informational text can deliver.

Through this experience, a parent can find the answers to some essential questions, such as: 

  • Do educators have an approach meant to build solid relationships and a sense of care, empathy, and respect? 
  • In what ways is the environment ‘intentional’ with provocations for children to explore, inquire, and acquire foundational skills in all developmental areas? 
  • In what ways does the center identify the needs and strengths of the developing child?

AISB ELC – Children grow and thrive where they feel safe, supported, and trusted

Outstanding international schools like the American International School of Bucharest provide early years programs for young children and their families to build relationships and community support systems beyond their homes. The Early Learning Center is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art center that opened in 2017 to welcome AISB’s youngest learners, aged 2 to 6. 

The AISB Early Learning Center (ELC) distinguishes itself by creating a safe, inspiring, engaging community in which children are seen as competent and capable human beings born with innate abilities and wisdom. Trained facilitators and educators on staff work with parents and caregivers to support the understanding of children’s emotional needs.

ELC Forest Walks 

“Drawing inspiration from the pedagogical principle and practices of the Reggio Emilia approach, playing is highly valued and seen as the natural approach to learning for young children. By using a play-centered method, the team of educators and specialists nurture all ‘languages’ of expression providing the environment and resources which offer countless opportunities for children to imagine and discover”, Rosella Diliberto, ELC Principal (in picture below).

The early years setting often becomes the grounding structure for international families transitioning to a new country, offering parents a built-in support network in the host country and a safe space where children begin to explore their world.

Experience a world teaching facility in Bucharest 

If you are an expat parent actively searching to give your child a fitting social, emotional, and creative developmental start,  the ELC Open Doors event is a perfect place to start. 

Please register here – ELC Open Doors event – and join us on the 10th of March 2022 and learn more about how our educators plant the seeds for children to belong and enjoy a lifelong love of learning.

Please take into consideration that this will be an adult-only event. Individual family tours where children can participate will be scheduled from the 13th of March.

The American International School of Bucharest (AISB) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1962 by the US Embassy to serve the educational needs of the American and international expatriate community. We have a history that spans six decades, currently serving over 900 students from more than 60 nationalities, from age 2 to 18, on our ten-hectare purpose-built campus. The Early Learning Center (ELC) is located within the main campus and serves up to 150 children ages 2-6.

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