7 Disadvantages Of Dating A Married Man

As much as dating a married man has been glorified as being a shortcut for living a soft life with easy money, it is not all that rosy.
A married man in your circle might have hinted that he wants you as his side chick and, although he has promised you heaven and earth, you are still not sure if you should date him or not.
Here are 7 disadvantages of dating a married man that might help you decide whether to say yes to his advances.

You Will Be Judged Harshly By Society.

One of the biggest disadvantages of dating a married man is that society is not very accepting of women who date married men. 
When word gets out about your affair, you’ll be labelled a “home wrecker” and a “husband snatcher”, especially by other women, and you’ll get nasty looks every time you walk down the street. Is your married man really worth all that hassle?

Can You Live With The Guilt?

Dating a married man involves a lot of secrets and lies. That combined with the external judgement and knowing that you are doing something wrong will weigh heavily on your conscience.
You will always feel terrible after spending quality time with him. You will hate yourself for all the lies and if you put yourself in his wife’s shoes, you might start to dee yourself.

Dating In Secret Is Tiresome.

Besides the guilt that comes with it, being in a secret relationship is also quite tiresome, especially when your partner is a married man.
You can’t tell your close friends about your boyfriend, you can’t be publicly seen with him, and you only go on dates in odd places and at odd‌ times. Where is the fun in such a relationship?

You Will Always Come Second In The Relationship.

Another disadvantage of dating a married man is that it’s not really a balanced relationship and sadly the equation is not in your favour.
While he will expect you to drop everything and be available for him when he needs you, you will never be his first priority and you will only get his seconds at best.
If you are going to date a married man, also forget about spending all the special holidays like Christmas and Easter with him as he will be busy with his wife and kids. You will be lucky if he even squeezes in some special time for you on Valentine’s.

No Security In The Relationship.

A relationship with a married man does not have a promising future. It’s all about not getting emotionally attached and enjoying the moments while they last, and they rarely last long.
You will forever worry that he might replace you with a younger or prettier girl, because if he cheated on his wife with you, what will stop him from cheating on you with another woman?

It Rarely Ever Ends Well.

Marital affairs rarely ever end well, especially for the mistresses. We’ve all heard of incidents where after discovering her husband’s affair, a woman goes to confront the mistress and it always leaves ugly marks.
Despite being the main instigators of affairs, men are usually let off easy and your married man will probably be at a safe distance while his wife beats you up or even pours hot water on you.

You Will Miss Out On Healthy Relationships.

Dating a married man will prevent you from pursuing other healthy relationships with potential partners that might even lead to marriage.
An affair will have you wasting your time on the wrong guy who already has his life in motion and you might miss your chance of experiencing a legit relationship with a promising future.

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