Romano Fenati and the brief return to Moto2 in 2022: ‘It didn’t work for a mix of different factors’

Romano Fenati is back once more in the Moto3 World Championship after a second unsuccessful attempt to triumph in Moto2. On this second occasion, the Italian was present in just six races, and was replaced by Alonso Lopez in the Speed Up team.

Asked about his return to the intermediate category by, Fenati shared that he had not experienced any additional difficulties in adapting to the Boscoscuro:

– I asked myself many questions and also gave myself many answers. I had trained throughout the winter making great sacrifices, even going to Spain, and for better or worse, I’ve already adapted to the bigger bikes, since I trained with an R1. Indeed, I felt even better riding a Moto2. In terms of speed, I have no problems, historically I’m a rider who adapts to the bike a little at a time, adjusting step by step.

The rider continued, but did not go into detail about why the relationship with the team ended:

– In Austin, however, I had suffered an injury to the supraspinatus of the shoulder as a result of a crash during a braking during the race. I suffer a little from previous traumas and on that occasion I suffered this important injury: I was really sick, but I managed to finish the race with only one arm. But let’s say that last year it didn’t work for a mix of different factors.

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