The ‘combination’ that Alex Marquez needs to understand to get the best out of his Ducati

Alex Marquez is adapting to the Ducati bike with the Gresini team after completing his first three seasons in MotoGP with Honda. Despite the fact that, in general, he is already understanding the new bike well, there is still one area that he knows he has to work on and improve considerably in order to extract strengths.

The spaniard explained to the press that, more than braking with the rear, he has to make better use of the rear part of the bike, in order to be able to brake later and overload the front part less: ‘It’s not just braking with the rear; is to take advantage of the rear. Because you brake with the front and we put a lot of pressure on the front, but if you have a good rear you can take more advantage and you can brake even later and at that point you overload the front less, so you can brake later. It is this combination that I need to understand’.

On the last day of the Sepang tests, Marquez tried a different configuration on the Ducati, which he admitted he will have to adapt again in the next tests: ‘For that reason too, on sunday I tried a different configuration which was better, but maybe the position was a bit little too far ahead. So maybe in Portimao we will try to put my position a little further back too to have more of my weight on the back and take more advantage of that aspect’.

Finally, the #73 added: ‘In addition, the other aspects I understand very well, with acceleration, how to lift, how to manage with electronics. That’s the only aspect we need to focus on more’.

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