How To Deal With Noisy Neighbours

Have you ever had an annoying troublesome neighbour? The one who loves playing loud music until your windows tremble and are almost cracking? Or the party animal who parties from Monday to Monday? And not just with his friends but the whole building?

Well, these types of people can be very irritating, especially during the night when they make it impossible for you to sleep. Or those that wake you up at 6 AM on a Saturday because they want to listen to some SDA music before they go to church. These people can push you off the edge, but here are ways you can deal with them.

Talk To Them About It 

Tolerating bad behaviour from neighbours makes them even worse. They’ll keep being a bother because they think it’s okay to do that. No one has told them to stop. Be honest and let them know how troublesome they are in a friendly polite way.

Don’t be confrontational or talk to them with anger and resentment. Tell them how it is affecting you and what they can do about it. It may sound intrusive or make you feel as if you are dictating how they should live their lives, but it’s important we live in healthy and peaceful environments. 

Report Them To The Caretaker 

If you have tried to resolve the matter personally, but they are still loud, talk to the caretaker or the management. This doesn’t make you a snitch. You are entitled to peace and silence. 

They might be given a warning or an eviction notice, something that might be a long-term solution to the problem. The problem comes in when they find out it’s you that reported them but if you can handle their resentment, do you care?

File A Formal Noise Complaint 

Remember when Karen Residents Association complained and threatened to take legal action against Ringtone for rearing 40 cows in the estate? We are not sure what transpired next, but if you live in a neighbourhood that has community residence regulations, you can take legal action for any violation of the code or rules of conduct. 

Have Coping Mechanisms

I’m sure you have come across people who are naturally annoying and rebellious. You will tell them something and they’ll do the exact opposite or assume they didn’t hear anything. With the hard economic times, you cannot afford to move houses because of a noisy neighbour.

If they haven’t listened to you or the caretaker, you can try using headphones when they put on loud music. Soundproof the wall adjoining you and your neighbour’s home if possible. Or use heavy curtains to limit the amount of sound that gets into your house. 

Get A Solution For Dogs 

We had a neighbour whose dogs would start barking at around 3 or 4 AM. They were so loud sometimes that I’d feel as if they were under my bed. It was bad, that some neighbours were willing to sell the dogs or worse, poison them.

Situations like these are challenging because you can’t tell the dogs, ‘listen barking is meant for 8 AM’, and then give them a clock. We, of course, had informed the dog owner and after several months of conflict and drama, he decided to move them to a different location and we lived happily ever after.

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