Cluj-based organization develops mobile drone-powered search and rescue laboratory

The Medical International Rescue Association, a Cluj-Napoca-based search and rescue organization, invested roughly EUR 10,000 to create a mobile search and rescue laboratory equipped with a drone with thermal imaging cameras that can help to find people under the rubble more quickly, among others.

“We can scan people even when it’s night outside. The drone has a super-intelligent function for this type of mission,” said director Andrei Bonțidean, quoted by Antena3.

The mobile laboratory is composed of a 4X4 car, equipped with another mobile thermal imaging camera, as well as the latest generation thermal imaging camera drone. It can be used in all the operations of the intervention teams, free of charge. In the following days, protocols will be concluded with ISU and IPJ Cluj, especially amidst the scare of earthquakes that shocked Romania twice in the past week.

“We can, once we’ve identified what we’re looking for, have the drone follow that person, and send us the GPS coordinates, in real-time. Given that the drone allows us to have a view from above, it helps us cover an area-wide in a very short time,” Andrei Bonțidean explained.

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(Photo source: Facebook/Asociatia Medical International Rescue)

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