Improved Chest Pre-Diagnosis X-Ray launched by MinoHealth

Maxwell Awumah

Ho, Feb 16, GNA – A new version of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered imaging and X-ray equipment for optimum results has been developed by MinoHealth AI Labs and partners to elevate healthcare delivery.

The equipment, named; “ 1.4.1” is a more robust version over the previous one launched in November, last year, with

performance improvements to support chest pre-diagnosis via x-rays.

It is to assist general practicing doctors to obtain preliminary diagnosis as they waited for specialists (radiologists) reports.

Mr Darlington Akogo, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MinoHealth AI Labs, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said the new equipment was far superior as it diagnosed 14 medical conditions, including Cardiomegaly, Pleural effusion, Aortic enlargement, Atelectasis, and Calcification.

It also points at exactly where each condition is, using bounding boxes, compared to the previous version of pre-screening, which only separated healthy images from diseased ones.

“If there are multiple diseases present, it would draw multiple boxes around the areas. It is also doing all of these in just seconds,” Mr Akogo said.

“And if there are no diseases present, then there is no need to further burden the specialist, who are few and already overburdened. “

He noted that there were less than 100 radiologists in Ghana, giving a conservative radiologist-patient ratio of 1: 320,000.

Mr Akogo said: “This new version empowers radiologists to rapidly diagnose patients, by assisting in the identification and localisation of potential disease areas of the body.”

“….. We will support other imaging modalities (CT Scans, MRI, Mammograms, Ultrasound and more). As more data comes to our system, we are continuously improving the AI system’s ability to better diagnose medical conditions”.

It has demonstrable improved quality performance and value of test results for patients by removing pre-screening tests from the Diagnosis screen and introducing Chest X-ray Pre Diagnosing.

This gives access to their new Object Detection and Bounding Boxes features.

The MinoHealth CEO, an Artificial Intelligence expert, said AI had the potential to solve many of the challenges Africa and the world faced in healthcare delivery by enhancing diagnosis and early crop disease and pest detection, under the ‘KaraAgro AI’ project.

“AI has the great potential for private sector development, estimated to be a 1.5 trillion dollar market by 2030. We can transform sectors in Ghana and on the continent by fully tapping into it,” he said.

MinoHealth Labs apply AI to fields including biotechnology, oncology, regenerative medicine, and neuroscience for improved outcomes.

Patients could register to run X-Ray tests on its platforms by using third party authentication providers on Google and LinkedIn.


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