The 13 most amazing attractions in Bratislava

Bratislava, Slovakia, is a food lover’s paradise as it houses several traditional restaurants that offer only the most delicious local dishes. Guests will have a great time in the city as they admire the beautiful structures of Bratislava castle and Blue church. The city is a must-visit destination where guests can see various palaces and structures.

In Bratislava you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Michalska Brana, Slavín, and Primate’s Palace and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Michalska Brana

Michalska Brana, located in Slovakia, features a baroque architectural design that visitors could admire from afar. The Michael’s gate also features a clock tower that visitors could climb and see its extensive collection of weapons displayed. Guests could also check out the sixth-floor balcony that offers stunning views of nature and the city.

2. Slavín

Slavín, located in Bratislava, is a memorial monument that was built to honor Soviet Army Soldiers who perished during World War II. It is the official cemetery for these soldiers who died in 1945 during the liberation of Bratislava. Slavín is now considered to be a national monument where an enormous obelisk stands.

3. Primate’s Palace

The Primate’s Palace is a neoclassical palace in the Old Town of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Just past the Old Town Hall building lies the Primate’s Palace, a Neoclassical style palace located on a small square. It is currently the seat of the Mayor of Bratislava. The seat is currently occupied by the local eldership and the Gallery of the City. Notably, there is a statue of a girl called Bratislava in the palace.

4. City Gallery Of Bratislava

Located in Bratislava, Slovakia, Bratislava City Gallery is the second-largest Slovak gallery of its kind. The gallery has 5 floors of art, where the lower floors are focused on traditional art and the top on contemporary art. It aims to collect works of art, as well as study, restore and conserve the precious collection. The first attempts to collect works of art started in the 19th century, although the gallery was founded in 1961.

5. Slovak National Museum

The Slovak National Museum is known for its scientific research and cultural education as it houses more than 3.8 million artifacts and artworks displayed all over the museum. The museum is also known for its initiatives in promoting the field of museology. Visitors would surely love admiring and understanding the museum’s exhibits as well as learning more about museology.

6. St. Martin’s Cathedral

The three-nave Gothic cathedral is as majestic as the people who once entered its holy halls. Aside from being a place of worship for the followers of Jesus Christ, who some consider as King and Lord, the monarchs of the Kingdom of Hungary were crowned here between 1563 and 1830. The structure, which was consecrated in 1420, is also one of the oldest in the Slovakian capital. Aside from being a historic site for Hungarian royals, the cathedral is also home to unique pieces of art. One of the artistic creations that can be found here is the statue of St Martin, bending to a beggar and cutting his overcoat to share it with the poor man. This depiction of the saint is considered by some as the first monumental work of Central European sculpture made from lead.

7. Bratislava Castle

Visitors would definitely love visiting Bratislava Castle as it features stunning architecture and a rich historical past. It is one of the city’s iconic monuments and is located in Bratislava. The castle was once inhabited for thousands of years and is situated on top of a rocky hill. Visitors should not miss going to Bratislava Castle as it also features beautiful scenery overlooking the city.

8. See The City From Michael’s Gate

Michael’s Gate is located in Bratislava, Slovakia. In the medieval period, four heavily fortified gates were built around the town. Entry or exit to the town was possible only through these gates. Michael’s Gate was the only gate that survived all these years. The gate is 51 meters tall and is one of the main entrances to the city of Old Town. It is ranked as one of the oldest buildings in the town. Statues of St. Michael and the Dragon were placed on the top of the building in 1758. Today the area bustles with local restaurants, cafes, and shops.

9. Slovak National Gallery

The Slovak National Gallery is located in a building called Eszterhazy Palace alongside the Danube River. Modern and classical art including Gothic and Baroque sculptures are displayed here. This gallery organizes workshops, guided tours, animation programs on a regular basis. There is also a library which is part of the permanent exhibition which displays Slovak writers, satirist art, book collector, and translator and also conducts lectures and chamber events.

10. Modry Kostol

At first glance, the Modry Kostol in Bratislava may not look like your average church as it is as cute as a button icon of the city. It features a stunning architectural design painted in a cool shade of blue. Visitors will surely love looking at the church and admiring its beauty.

11. Primate’s Palace

The Primate’s Palace is a neoclassical building in the capital of Slovakia. Formerly the palace was designated to the Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, but now the architectural appealing building is the office of the Mayor of Bratislava. It features a beautiful collection of paintings and tapestries in the palace interiors.

12. Hlavne Namestie

The major plaza in Bratislava, Slovakia is Hlavne Namestie. It’s in the Old Town, right in the heart of the city. Throughout the year, merchants sell crafts and other items in the area, and the city’s Christmas markets are held here during the holiday season. The main square also hosts other festivals, concerts, and outdoor activities.

13. Bratislava Transport Museum

Bratislava Transport Museum, located in Bratislava, is a unique museum that features the history of transportation in the country. It is housed in the very first train station built in the 19th century and features a replica model of a railway track and a traffic office.

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