10 Signs You Married The Wrong Person

Marrying the right person is a dream come true for some lucky people. However, not everybody gets to marry their soulmate and that’s why we have high rates of divorce.
You may think you have married your better half only to realize later on that he is just not the one you were meant to spend the rest of your life with. But, what is it that makes your partner right or wrong for you?
If you have been wondering if you got the wrong end of a stick and ended up with the wrong partner, here are 10 signs that show you married the wrong person.

1. You Are Always Unhappy.

You ought to make each other happy as a couple, that’s what makes a marriage beautiful. But, if you’re always miserable then this could be a sign that you married the wrong partner. 

Maybe it’s time you sat down with them and decided on your future together. A lifetime is too long to be miserable.

2. You Are Always Arguing.

3. You Have Different Goals And Visions.

Having very different life goals is another sign that you may have married the wrong person. Since you are essentially sharing a life and a future together, your life goals should sync. 
For example, your preference on where you live, investments, personal development, properties, and so forth should sync. And even if they don’t sync you should have avenues of taking both of your needs into account, if not, you are probably with the wrong person.

4. You Feel Trapped.

Normally, feeling trapped results from abuse both physical and emotional, and blackmail. If your partner is abusive, don’t be forced to stay in the marriage by fear, seek help from friends, family, and even the authorities.

5. You Have Different Worldviews.

Another pointer towards a wrong marriage partner is you both have very divergent world views. 
Being married doesn’t mean you should see the world through the same lenses and in the same shades and hues. But your views shouldn’t be as different as the night is from the day. You should at least have a common ground; something that unites you.
Seeing the world differently may lead to arguments and sooner or later cracks will appear in your marriage.

6. You Have Conflicting Personalities.

There is a belief that opposites attract. Be that as it may, you shouldn’t be in stark contrast, or on the opposite extremities.
For example, a very extroverted partner with a very introverted partner wouldn’t work out in the long run. Why? Well, because they have different ideas of fun, life, and friends. While one loves and thrives in a crowd, the other abhors it and is always looking for ways to avoid it.
If you are that couple, it means you got the wrong end of the stick and married the wrong person.

7. Your Opinions Are Not As Important

Do you feel your opinions are not taken into account in decision-making? Are you consulted less and less on issues that touch on your family? If yes, then this is a tell-tale sign that your partner might not be right for you.
A marriage is a partnership and as such, both your opinions should matter. If they don’t then maybe it’s time you looked at your options.

8. They Have Narcissistic Tendencies.

Sharing at least a hobby brings a couple together. It cements their bond and It’s one thing that will stay constant amidst the changes in life. 
If the children are the only thing that brings you together, then you might not be right for one another.

10. You Bring The Worst Out Of Each Other.

Married partners should always bring the best out of each other. But if you are always riled up, and feel like screaming, breaking or even burning things, then maybe you are wrong for one another.
Maybe it’s time you held a candid discussion about your future together. After all, you might be better apart than together.

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