How good is ginger for you? Find out what the experts say, get serving sizes, and health concerns

Perspective from Caroline Luiza C. Castro

Master’s in Nutrition Sciences · 16 years of experience · Brazil

Possible Side Effects

  • Ginger is safe to be consumed by adults every day, but it is important to be avoided by children, because it is too strong and can cause some stomach-ache

Quantity Recommendation

  • I recommend ginger every day, as part of a health meal plan, it is good consume every morning in addition of lemon juice (morning shot, putting 1 teaspoon of grated ginger with 50cc of pure lemon juice)

Ginger: How much should you eat? Experts weigh in.

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Perspective from Christos Sittas

MSc in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences · 3 years of experience · UK

Possible Side Effects

  • Ginger must be consumed with caution and not in big quantities by individuals taking diabetic medication as it could further decrease blood glucose levels and increase the risk for hypoglycemia.

Quantity Recommendation

  • Ginger can be consumed on a daily basis in quantities up to 5 grams as an addition to hot dishes or salads to improve their palatability and nutritional profile, or as a herbal tea after meals to aid digestion.

Ginger: How much should you eat? Experts weigh in.

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